Friday, August 14, 2009

Grilled Peaches with Rum Sauce

This was dessert for the last day of the weekend. We were all canned and jammed out, and still had some peaches to work with, so I decided to try grilling them, as we had the BBQ on for supper anyways. I came across a Cinnamon-Grilled Peach recipe from the Food Network and decided it sounded great. Upon looking in my mother’s cupboards, I discovered a few missing ingredients, so I used that recipe for the sauce and did my own thing with the peaches.
3 peaches, sliced and pitted but not peeled
4 tbsp butter
¼ cup sugar
1 tbsp molasses
¼ dark rum
½ tsp ground cinnamon
Vanilla ice cream
1 BBQ vegetable tray

How to:
1.Combine the butter, sugar, molasses, rum and cinnamon in a sauce pot and bring to boil over high heat. Let the mixture boil until it becomes thick and syrupy. This takes about 5 minutes. Set aside for now.
2.Heat the BBQ and place the peach slices on the tray on the BBQ. Cook until the peaches are warm and soft.
3.Place a scoop of vanilla icecream in a bowl, top with the grilled peach slices and pour the sauce on top. Enjoy!

This was delicious, and I can’t wait to eat it again. The grilled peaches were nice (I did try some) but I still prefer my peaches fresh and uncooked. The sauce was amazing and was fantastic on cooked and uncooked peaches alike. There was a little sauce left over somehow – and it was quickly eaten with graham crackers and marshmallows.

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