Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

On our way home for thanksgiving, my brother and I made a pit stop at the grocery store and picked up a pumpkin. We hadn't carved a pumpkin together in years and thought it would be fun. I know it is a little early, but as we were at home together finally, it was really the last chance we would get to do it together before halloween. Who cares if my parents will have to another one before the holiday.

My little bro picked out the pattern (fitting for my parent's place as they raise dogs) and we got to work. It was so much fun, I hadn't carved a pumpkin in years. The true beauty is when the lights are out and the pumpkin has a flickering candle in it.

I love how it turned out! I am tempted to go and get some to try for my apartment, I could just set them outside my window right?

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