Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby Blanket

Isn't is cute? All packaged up so pretty. The bow matches the underside of the blanket.

The pattern is a light green with cute monkeys and the underside is a pale yellow with faint white dots on it. Sorry about the poor pictures, but getting decent lighting round here is next to impossible.

Alright, so first off, this blanket is not for me. I am not having a baby any time soon.

Now that we have that straight, this blanket is for my cousin who is having a baby, in little over a month. She will be at the family gathering this christmas, so i will give it to her then.

When I found out about her having a kid, I knew I wanted to give her something but didn't know what. I have been wanting to sew something for a while and this gave me a perfect excuse, especially with flannel being boy one m get one m free this week at fabricland!

I followed the instructions from abmatic, and ended up with a super cute little blanket. I loved making it, it was easy and quick. Now I might move onto a more complicated blanket or I may go stock up on flannel and make a stock pile of these for anytime I have friends having kids. I would love to play around with different color combinations.

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