Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09

Well, Halloween has over for another year, all that is left is some finger cookies and the disassembled pieces of our costumes. I let Owen pick the costumes this year, and he decided to go with a couples costume. He found a picture and we got to work making them. It only took 1 black sheet, 1 pillow case, a cardboard box, shelf paper, duct tape and some iron on hemming.

The costume was a hit at the party we went through, and it was one of my favorite costumes to wear of all time! It was so very comfortable!

I did end up doing doing a small pumpkin for my apartment in my window, and the kids playing on the lawn loved it! They were all coming up to the window to check it out. I did this one freehand, so it isn't as fancy as the dog I did at my parent's.

In the window:

Up Close:

Hope you all had a great Halloween!


Alanna said...

LOL Love the costumes! :)

Vikki B said...

Thanks, we had lots of fun making them.