Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank You Edible Arrangements!

Edible Arrangements is a fun company that make boquets out of fruit. I have been drooling over these arrangements for a while now, but haven't had an excuse to actually order one other than I want to try it. However, after a recent promotion, I managed to get a coupon for a free small box of fruit! Sweet, I can try it now, in a small form - I don't have to get a big arrangement that I might not finish.

Owen was nice enough to pick up my box last week on his way home. I ended up with 2 chocolate dipped apple slices, 2 chocolate dipped orange slices and 2 chocolate dipped strawberries.

The rulings: I love these. I polished off all the fruit quite quickly and the only way that Owen was able to get his hands on any was to sneak it from me as I was doing something else (I don't share fruit well..). I will be ordering from them in the future (even if I just eat it all myself).

Thank you to Edible Arrangements for my free fruit, and if you haven't hear of them you should check it out.

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