Friday, May 22, 2009

Nutella Brownies

While doing some brownie searching I came across a delicious idea - nutella in brownies. Now, I am a lover of Nutella, and don't really need anything to eat it with (spoon and occasionally fingers are all I really need), and do to my lack of self control there is rarely Nutella in the house. What better excuse for picking up a nice big jar of the chocolate goodness than "But I need this for a recipe".

The recipe I found and used (For the most part) was Nutella Chocolate Fudge Brownies. I modified the recipe by cutting it in 1/2 and cooking it in a 8x8 pan instead of the full 9x13 recipe. With all the baking that goes in my house this is usually essential, if I made full batches of everything I would either be 300lbs or tossing a lot of perfectly good baking.

Now, in the intro they said they swirled Nutella into the batter, but in the instructions I did not see this, so of course I swirled Nutella into the brownies. I swirled about 1/4 of a cup of nutella into the batter before baking (I didn't really measure, just kept plopping tablespoons in until I thought it looked good).

I did follow the instructions and spread Nutella over the top as well, mmmmmm, so good.

These turned out great, albiet a little overcooked (the Nutella can make it a little deceiving about when they are finished apparently, so watch out.). Everyone loved them and only one person besides myself (that would by my lovely H) figured out I had left them in the oven a little longer than I should have.

I will have to try these again.


Julie said...

They look delicious! I definitely have a weakness for brownies!

zebe912 said...

These sound super yummy, but my stomach seems to be getting more gluten sensitive instead of less. So I'm thinking I might try making brownies with hazelnut flour sometime and see if they come out nutella-esque. I'm hoping so!