Thursday, May 28, 2009

Neiman Marcus Cookie

While I was on Vacation in Maui this spring, H and I stopped in at Hula Cookies and got a Kona coffee cookie Ice cream sandwich. It was fantastic!

Ever since I got back, I had been craving that delicious coffee flavoured chocolate chip cookie. After some searching I came across the Neiman Markus recipe and decided to try it. I had to add a little milk (1/4 cup) to the dough, as it was a little dry, and used instant coffee instead of instant expresso.

They were really good and H loved them. It was a great chocolate chip cookie with a hint of coffee flavour, it just didn’t have quite enough coffee flavor to be the cookie I wanted. So after trying the first batch that came out of the oven, I kept adding coffee until the color was right (and they smelled about right). I ended up adding another 2 tbsp of coffee (to about ¼ of the batch of cookie), and they were great. It probably would have been fine with only 1.5 tbsp though. The final product was a nice coffee brown cookie that tasted great, especially with a little vanilla icecream.

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Julie said...

They look delicious... now I want a cookie!