Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quick Cheesy Pasta

I was short on time making supper one night and needed something to go with our grilled chicken. I had no pasta sauce of any kind in the house and so decided to try something for a creamy cheesy side. It took only minutes and turned out great.

¼ cup milk (I used 1%)
2 Laughing cow light cheese
1 tsp Italian seasoning.

1. Cook pasta according to the package instructions.
2. Drain the pasta and place it back in the pot. Over low heat add the milk, cheese and seasoning.
3. Stir the pasta until the cheese has melted and the pasta is coated.
4. Serve and enjoy.

This turned out great! It was quick and easy, but oh so creamy and delicious. You would never guess that I made it with light ingredients.


Anonymous said...

Like the new look of your blog, Vikki! The page loads WAY faster now, too!

Anonymous said...

What is two laughing cow cheeses? Is that just 2 little triangles from the wheel? If so, holy smokes they must pack a lot of cheesiness :)

How much pasta did you use for the cheese amount?