Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Olympic Torch!

I was alive the last time Canada hosted the Olympics in Calgary (in my home province), but I was too young to really remember anything about it. Luckily, I am not old enough to remember and I am living in an area that makes it easy for me - at least this time.

The olympic torch made it's treck through our beautiful city yesterday, and I was lucky enough to see it go by. Actually it took a little planning on my part to figure out where I wanted to catch it as it was coming a couple blocks from work and a block from my house - how lucky is that?

It was great to see the crowds of people who turned out to see the torch - adults, kids and dogs lined the street, cheering for the runners. Everyone was enthusiastic and some people were even running down the sidewalks trying to catch up with the torch. Luckily traffic was stopped and people were spilling into the street in anticipation of the torch.

I got to see the passing of the torch from one runner to another, but sadly couldn't get a good picture. I have no idea who it is running with the torch at this point, as it wasn't one of the sections that I had heard who it was.

Owen got to see the torch earlier in the day, as he got to take some time off work to see his boss run with the torch. I tried to go, but it was a little to early for me to be able to take off.

Anyways, the Olympics are almost here, and while I don't get the joy of going to the actual games, I at least got to see the torch go by.

Go Canada!!

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Anonymous said...

Vikki - thanks for the cake! Geoff and I ate half of it after dinner yesterday. Looks like the new cake pan works great. :)

can I get your email address? mine's allisongregory [at] shaw [dot] ca

unless baby comes before Saturday I'll be at the game - hope to see you there!