Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holiday Cooking

So the holidays were extremely busy and I just realised that I didn't post my holiday baking, so here goes:

1. "Snow balls"
This is simply a chocolate cake mixed with the cream cheese icing and dipped in white chocolate. I addapted this from the wonderful Bakerella, who has also done many versions of these delightful treats. They are always a huge hit when i make them.

2. Chocolate Caramel Fudge.
This recipe is adapted from Aunt Teen's Fudge recipe on allrecipe.com. Instead of adding nuts to the fudge i swirled in caramel. The caramel was melted kraft vanilla caramels, the same used to make caramel apples. I put one back into the fudge.

3. Peanut Brittle
Last year I did the cheater way of making brittle, and while it was great, I wanted to try making it on the stove this year and hoped to avoid last years problem of not cooking long enough. I tried Mom's Best Peanut Brittle from allrecipe and it turned out great. I used roasted peanuts and cooked them just as the instructions said. This resulted in the occasional nut tasting like it was burnt. After reading reviews, I found I should have added the peanuts at the end becuase they were the roasted variety. Otherwise this was a very tasty recipe and will be used for years.

4. Chocolate Covered Toffee
I have made this before and it is fantastic, it tastes just like a score bar!

5. Homemade Candy Canes
This recipe came from Martha Stewart, and while tasty, could have used a little more peppermint. these were the first time I have made candy that required "pulling" and it was quite the adventure.

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