Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Brown Sugar Dilema

So, upon becoming incredibly frustrated trying to organize my Husband's bike equipment in the den, I decided to do some baking and calm myself before one of the bikes ended up in pieces on the lawn (having been tossed through a window). Now to add to the frustration I come into the kitchen to find that someone has been into my brown sugar, which is now just a rock of sugar. So, here I am, with a batter started and short of taking a sledge hammer to this sugar, I have no idea how i am actually going to get it to a form I am able measure and mix with other ingredients. Being my stubborn self I refused to go the store and buy any new sugar (and the fact that I am nursing a sore knee, and walking that far is out of the question). To add to the problem, my brown sugar mouse has mysteriously gone missing! So I can't even put that in the sugar for a few hours to try and soften it up.

After a few minutes of trying to break the rock of sugar into a fine sand for use, I decided that just wasn't working. Rather than admit defeat I got creative - really I didn't have much to lose at this point. Turns out in a moment of genious I figured out a quick fix to my problem!

I opened my sugar as much as possible and popped it into the microwave with an open bowl of water. I zapped it long enough to make the water steam and left it for a few minutes. Much to my delight my sugar was now soft, sweet and useable!

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