Sunday, February 24, 2008

Butter Free Brownies

I have been searching all over to find some brownie recipes to try that will reduce the amount of fats - Less butter, marg and oil, and finding it rather difficult to find any good recipes. So in playing around on the web this weekend I stumbled across a brownie blog - Brownie or Die! And what do I find on it but a yummy looking butterless brownie recipe, with coffee. Now I am not a huge coffee fan, but I love a hint of coffee in my chocolate occasionally. I did reduce the amount of coffee grounds in the batter to 1/2 tbsp, as I didn't want an overpowering coffee flavour.

Update: These were really good, especially for a lower fat version! Cutting the coffee was great for me, as it was just a hint of coffee flavour, however if you are a fan of coffee go for the full amount. Oh, and I did make one alteration to the recipe, instead of bittersweet chocolate I used 5 ounces of semisweet chocolate and 1 ounce of unsweetened chocolate.

Owen even liked them, but said that he could feel the caffeine after a couple brownies (neither of us usually have much caffiene in our diets).

I will be making these again - thanks to Brownie or Die!


zebe912 said...

So what did you think of them? Did you try any of the recipes on the ibs website? A lot of those are actually pretty good. I have an ibs friendly marshmallow fondant recipe that is awesome with brownies if you want it!

VikkiB said...

I have tried a couple of the IBS recipes but not too many, as I am not a fan of tofu or soy (I have some issues with eating soy right now unless I know it is organic). I would love you fondant recipe!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the link; glad you liked them!

EitherOnesFine said...

The link says I have to be an "invited reader". How do I get invited?

esmyr said...

i have the same problem as the previous commentator. please, how can get invited or get my hands on the butter free brownie recipe? many thanks if you can let me know.

VikkiB said...

I am sorry to people who have tried to follow the link and found it to not be working.

It looks like the site I got the recipe off has changed it's security settings.

I will see if I can find the recipe, or will try to recreate it shortly.

Again, I am sorry for any trouble this has caused you.