Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cake Decorating - Flowers and Cake Design

I finished the second cake decorating class (and am signed up to do the third - Fondant and Gumpaste in January). Here is a look at some of the flowers I was able to make and the final cakes.

My Lily Cake

Cake with all the other flowers

I was lucky enough that my instructor showed us how to do a few things that Wilton had taken out of the class when they redid the course, so I also got to learn the rope border and the butter cream pansy (which is one of my favorite flowers I leaned to make).

I also did a little playing around with the leftover gumpaste and some online tutorials to make a gerber daisy!

Thanks Erin, can’t wait for the next class!

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Kelley said...

Whoa - that gerber daisy is stellar!