Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I have been keeping busy in the kitchen this Halloween (and around the house - I finally have a yard to decorate!).

First up were my Tiger Tiger cupcakes - based of the classic ice cream flavour! They were a big hit (as long as you liked black licorice flavour).

To make them a little more in the spirit of things, I added little white chocolate skulls (made using a candy mold).

Then I had these cute cupcake holders around, and couldn't resist making some cupcake skulls with brains! I have a new favorite strawberry frosting recipe now as well, yum!

I also made some tombstones for front yard and carved a pumpkin:

And lastly here is a sneak peak for the Halloween graveyard cakes!

I had fun playing with the gumpaste for this cake - pictures to come tomorrow (trying to keep it a surprise for the folks at work!

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