Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Favorite Chicken Sandwich

I love roasting chicken when it is cold out, the house smells amazing for the day and it is just a comforting meal when it looks miserable outside. The other thing I love about roasting a chicken - it usually lasts us no less than 4 complete meals and multiple lunches! The number of meals I am left with at the end usually depends on the number of people who are coming over for th initial roast chicken dinner and how big of a chicken we have.

Anyways, I had a chicken thawing for roasting when i went to the grocery store and disscovered on of my new favourite foods - peppercorn crusted bacon! How could I pass that up - it would be amazing on burgers right? Well since it is not grilling season, I did roast chicken sandwiches with leftover roast chicken. The peppercorn bacon was perfect and these are definatly my favourite sandwich!

Peppercorn Bacon Chicken Sandwich

2 large soft kaiser buns (or your favourite bun)
Leftover roast chicken
6 to 8 slices peppercorn crusted bacon, cooked
Pickles, sliced
Cheese (I used Swiss, but cheddar is equally good)

Assemble the chicken, bacon, pickles, mayo and cheese in a bun with mayo. Enjoy!

Oh this so so good! I don’t usually make sandwiches for supper, or even eat leftover chicken sandwiches that much, but these babies make my mouth water! If I had another chicken in the freezer, I would be planning on cooking it soon just so I could have these again!

O liked the sandwiches as well - he said they would have been perfect with a slice of tomato (sadly we had none in the house).

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