Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Update

First let me say I am very sorry for the pathetic little that has been posted in recent months. I am still around, and still trying to get updates done - I have a camera full of food pictures to prove it! Sadly life seems to have gotten in the way, I barely have time to cook these days let along write about it. What has been keeping me so busy you ask?

Well it has been a number of things - new job, surprise trip to BC to visit the inlaws and this quilting hobby that has taken over all sembalance of free time! Oh, not to mention that I have had fruit coming in droves to deal with over the last couple of months. To date I have dealt with 80 + lbs of peaches, 10 lbs of cherries, 10 lbs of raspberries and 10 lbs of blueberries. Now it is apple and pear season. The latest batch has just arrived - more on that later - so it has been keeping me busy, and hopefully I will have a few new recipes to post from that!

Just to say that I did finally put up a post - here are some of the quilts that I have finished this summer:

Monkey Time - This is filled with a wool blanket for batting and will be keeping me warm at my husband’s hockey games this winter! I loved the sock monkeys on the fabric so much I had to make myself a sock monkey to go with it.

These are doll quilts that I have made for my cousin’s for Christmas. They are done this early as I have to mail them in a couple weeks so they will actually arrive by Christmas (Darn that overseas mailing!).

Here are a couple more that I am working on for various friends and family members. These should also be done before Christmas (what did I get myself into?)

I have a couple of recipe posts I am working on, so hopefully those will be up in the next few days!

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Allison said...

yay for new posts!